Saturday, May 2, 2009


Sunrise over dunes that stretch forever, Sahara

Sunset at an oasis in the Sahara desert of Mauritania

An oasis I backpacked to in Mauritania

It has been a while since I wrote last. I traveled back through Morocco, spent 5 days in Madrid, and then came home and have been super busy ever since. The first week back I was recovering from "lots of African germs" as my grandfather put it, the following week was busy with job search, and then I just arrived home today from this weeks gallivant around Alaska, now that things are starting to thaw up. So I am quickly uploading these photos as a preview to the final Africa report, and letting everyone know that I have not been kidnapped by one of those horrible, ignorant, horny Moroccan men. (See porn Man and the men who chase)

Speaking of which, my last days in morocco had a small experience that was a fitting finale for my time there. As I was exploring the narrow, winding alleys of the Fez Medina, a man sidled up to me. Looking around, he judged when the crowds were out of ear shot enough to whisper to me "want Berber massage? wanna have fun? want sex?" I yelled at him "Get the FUCK away from me!"
"OK" he says in a cheerfull tone, and leaves. So accommodating these men are!

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