Monday, July 28, 2008

Living in Alaska

Our Alaska Home

We have been home in Alaska now for close to two months and are settling in nicely. Tim has gotten a job, and I have been spending a lot of my time hiking in the mountains close by. I sleep a lot, a symptom my neighbor calls 'decompression', brought on by the sudden ability to relax after 16 months on the road! We are also planning our next trip in November, a private raft trip down the Grand Canyon with the whole family. Speaking of family, my grandfather made the front page of the newspaper yesterday and there are some videos of him talking about bear encounters, slowing down at 81, and frostbiting his ass in the Arctic online at the Anchorage Daily News website. Here are the links:

Mountain Man:Wilderness Shapes a Life

Griffiths bear encounters

Frost bite in the ass

Slowing down by doing the Alaska Wilderness race?

Photos from Alaska

My uncle running the Bird Ridge race

My grandfather and friend Jerry before the Wilderness race

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bears Among Us

These are photos I took of a bear wandering through our yard in Alaska. The wilderness is truly just out our back door here! For more on what we have been up to in Alaska, come visit us at my new Alaska blog.

Alaska black bear laying by the deck. Take a close look at his paw!

I love his brown snout. He looks almost cuddly, doesn't he? (disclaimer-he's not!)

Our neighborhood black bear wandering off through the yard.