Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Itinerary

Here is our general itinerary, but it could change as we go. When I spent six months driving the United States a couple years ago, the best places I went were the ones I had not originally planned, but was recommended to go by other travelers. All of our travel past India will be arranged as we go. We plan to do a lot of trekking/backpacking in most of the countries we visit.

Jan 3-Feb 5 - Going to New Zealand by myself to visit my mother
Feb - Back home preparing for the long trip abroad
March 7th- April 22nd - Drive though the US to LA
April 22 - Fly to Dublin, Ireland (free stopover-gotta love these)
April 26 - Fly to London to visit my friend Maya
May 6 - Fly to Istanbul, Turkey
Mid-May - Fly to India, visit Ladakh and the Garhwal Himalaya
Mid-July (?) - Fly to Islamabad, Pakistan. By land up the Karakoram highway into Kashgar, China.
Mid August (?) - Land transport to Kyrgyzstan.
Mid September (?) - Transport by bus to Almaty, Kazakhstan then by train to China. In China, visit Beijing, Tibet, Yunnan Province, Sichuan Province, Shanghai.
December (?) - Bus to Laos, boat down the Mekong river into Thailand, do some relaxing on the beach.
December 20 - Fly to New Zealand in time for Christmas with the whole family
February or March (?) - South America (not sure where, but will include Peru and Ecuador)
May (?) – Back home to replenish our bank account

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Picture of my home

Here is a picture of my backyard in Anchorage, Alaska. Well, not quite my backyard, but almost.

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Hi Everyone

Hi everyone! Well this is my first time trying a blog, so you will have to bear with me as I play around with it and make some practice posts! My husband and I will be working on this blog together to share our travel experiences with friends and family and anyone else who might stop by. We will also share many photos as we go, so I hope you enjoy it!