Friday, August 29, 2008

Itchy feet

After 15 months traveling around the world, it felt pretty good to come home. And, it feels pretty good to be home, but... I'm beginning to get those travelers itchy feet again. Lately, I have taken to pouring over maps and Atlases and drooling over photos of exotic places I haven't been to yet.

What to do? What to do? Oh, Oh, What to do? Well, plan more trips, of course. In fact, our next adventure is only a few months away; in November, we have a private 25 day long whitewater rafting trip planned down the Colorado river in the Grand canyon. Following that, I am beginning to brew up some ideas for another solo backpack through Utah's canyon country. Finally, Tim and I are talking about next fall, using his three weeks vacation time to go to Iran. Why Iran? Well, for the history, the culture, the ancient architecture, the beauty of the landscape. And, of course, because it is someplace we have never been.

In the meantime, we are busy doing what most Alaskans do in the summer; getting ready for winter. Our preparations this year have included lots of wood chopping-our insurance against high fuel costs (which, by the way, are still cheaper than most of the countries we visited throughout the world). And of course we take plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful Alaskan wilderness before another long, cold winter sets in.

View of Turnagain Arm from Penguin Peak

Sleeping lady at sunset

The sun peaks through a border of dark clouds. Glenn Alps trail head.

A black bear watches us hiking up penguin Peak