Friday, May 8, 2009

Morocco, Moving South

My first day in Morocco, eating a big fish plate in Casablanca.

Heading south along the coast I passed through El Jadida. It was here that I first began to notice that the men were. . . well, a little strange! I really wish I had taken a photo of P0rn Man!

An old underground cistern in El Jadida

Fishing boats in El Jadida

Colorful fish in the fish market of Essouiria

Moroccan Viagra in the market at Essouiria. Yeah, right, like they need that!

I am starting into the Southern Territories now, and beginning to feel as if I am reaching the ends of the earth.

A fishermans shack by the coast. The roof is held on with fishing nets.

Fish is served fried up whole, heads, eyes, and all.

The lady of the house serving up tea. I stayed with this family for two days after turning down P0rn mans offer.

A neighborhood to be in Layounne. The earth is all brown and dusty here.

Dahkla, the end of the road. To the East about 400 KM is Mauritania.

More brown, and old land mine signs, on the way to the Mauritanian border.

A fisherman serves up tea in his tiny tent by the beach. I am on my way back to Dahkla here, having hitchhiked a ride across the border.

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Steve Bennyhoff said...

Cool travel journal of your trip to Morocco and the surrounding area!