Friday, May 23, 2008

Two more days

Two more days till we go home.
Fifteen months is a long time, and I am looking forward to going home. One adventure ends, but a new one begins.
Reintegrating into life in the United States.
With a whole new view of the world.
I am also depressed. Most of my life, I have dreamed about and planned for this trip around the world. And now I have done it.
I don't know what to dream of next.
It has been absolutely amazing beyond words, especially the section traveling by land from Pakistan into China, Central Asia, and back into western China.
Such a different world, and yet so much the same.
So many kindnesses from strangers.
Strangers who are so much like us in their basic needs and desires.
Strangers who reached out and shared a small snapshot of their lives with us.
What better dream than this?

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Charlie (Hotshot) Weinrich said...

We will miss your adventures that you and Tim have shared on your Blogspot. Your pictures are outstanding and your narrations were quite interesting. It's obvious you have inherited some traits from your grandfather. Good luck on your new adventures