Friday, January 18, 2008

Images of China: The Southwest

From Snowcap Peaks to Tropics

Yengshou county

Unfortunately, with the thick fog I was unable to get good photos of the beautiful karst mountain scenery. You will have to settle for this black and white.

Drying corn and caligraphy are both comman sites in China.

Colorful peels drying in a window

Xingping market. The more money you have, the more chickens you cart off.

Hiking near Xingping with Mr. Kim

Give me that. You give me that! I'm hungry!

Fooood? Is that foooooooooooood?

Commorants. These birds are used for night fishing

Bamboo boats are comman, although many are now made with plastic bamboo!

Dali, Yunnan Province

Lijiang Old City

A Lijiang man enjoys a smoke

A Naxi woman on her loom

Some of China's people are still proud to wear the old Red Guard armband

Lijiang market

Chicken feet are a popular delicacy

A Chinese pig roast

The Naxi orchestra in Lijiang. The instrument styles and music have been handed down through the generations and preserve some of China's oldest music. During the cultural revolution many of the musicians saved their instruments by burying them

This sign was in a Lijiang cafe restroom

Tiger leaping gorge

Luxurious hiking from lodge to lodge!

The Gardens of tropical SW China


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