Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Images of China; the cities

From Xian to Shanghai


From Xhaihei (meeting a lama) Tim and I went to Xian to see the Terracotta Warriors, probably one of the most visited sights in China. They were every bit as amazing as every one has said. Xian itself is a nice city, with a bustling night market and an interesting Muslim quarter, complete with a beautiful old mosque containing four large, peacefully landscaped courtyards.

The famous Terracotta Warriors near Xian

Every one of the Terracotta Warriors has original characteristics

North of Xian is a smaller, less well known tomb containing miniature warriors. Many of them are displayed as they were found via a glass enclosed walkway. These ones are haunting in their resemblance to drowning men.

Terracotta animals of all kinds were also buried with the warriors.

Some of the people from the Muslim quarters of Xian

Bicycle is the most popular mode of transportation in China.

That's a big spool of cotton candy!

Xian's drum tower, with the moon behind

A make-over counter in a posh Xian mall. After traveling in India, Pakistan, and Central Asia, I was still reeling from China's modernity.

The night market in Xian is overwhelming with it's bright lights and colorful, crowded displays of chiva. This is the dried fruit and nuts section.

The Chinese like to give auspicious names to their businesses

A man sits and watches the world in another town near Xian

On the way to the warriors; one of China's many power plants


Next stop, Pingyou, which is known for its old Chinese Architecture, some of the last in China that has not been razed and replaced with concrete towers. Pingyou is surrounded by it's old city walls, outside of which the architecture gives way to the more familiar concrete jungle.


some of Pingyou's people

Playing an ever popular Chinese Checkers game in the streets of Pingyou

An obstinate donkey


In Beijing Tim and I visited Temple of Heaven Park, the Lama Temple, Forbidden City, and Mao's mausoleum (Mao's resting place). I also had a chance to eat things such as dog meat and tongue (When in Rome). Beijing is gearing up for the Olympics with new pollution controls and had the first blue sky we have seen in a while!

Temple of Heaven Park

In Temple of heaven park, people danced, sang, played music, wrote calligraphy with water on the pavement, played games, and practiced Tai Chi. Here are a few of the people

Many Chinese waited in line to get their photos taken. Some were gregarious as they looked into the camera lenses, others were more shy.

Forbidden City, where the emperors used to live. This historical site survived the Cultural Revolution by special decree of Zhou Enlai. The front gate is graced with a gigantic painting of . . . Who else but Mao?

Really fabulous roof tiles!

Lama Temple

No trip to China is complete without a walk on the great wall!

One souvenir being sold at the great wall was huge fur hats.


One of the few sights we saw in Shanghai, since we ended spending our time in this city watching DVD's! This was taken on the Bund (riverside) at night.

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