Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Itinerary

Here is our general itinerary, but it could change as we go. When I spent six months driving the United States a couple years ago, the best places I went were the ones I had not originally planned, but was recommended to go by other travelers. All of our travel past India will be arranged as we go. We plan to do a lot of trekking/backpacking in most of the countries we visit.

Jan 3-Feb 5 - Going to New Zealand by myself to visit my mother
Feb - Back home preparing for the long trip abroad
March 7th- April 22nd - Drive though the US to LA
April 22 - Fly to Dublin, Ireland (free stopover-gotta love these)
April 26 - Fly to London to visit my friend Maya
May 6 - Fly to Istanbul, Turkey
Mid-May - Fly to India, visit Ladakh and the Garhwal Himalaya
Mid-July (?) - Fly to Islamabad, Pakistan. By land up the Karakoram highway into Kashgar, China.
Mid August (?) - Land transport to Kyrgyzstan.
Mid September (?) - Transport by bus to Almaty, Kazakhstan then by train to China. In China, visit Beijing, Tibet, Yunnan Province, Sichuan Province, Shanghai.
December (?) - Bus to Laos, boat down the Mekong river into Thailand, do some relaxing on the beach.
December 20 - Fly to New Zealand in time for Christmas with the whole family
February or March (?) - South America (not sure where, but will include Peru and Ecuador)
May (?) – Back home to replenish our bank account

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