Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hi Everyone

Hi everyone! Well this is my first time trying a blog, so you will have to bear with me as I play around with it and make some practice posts! My husband and I will be working on this blog together to share our travel experiences with friends and family and anyone else who might stop by. We will also share many photos as we go, so I hope you enjoy it!


Charlie Hannum said...

Dear Traveling Couple, Best wishes on your most excellent adventure. I just happened to read the most recent silver report on 321gold and followed it to your blog. New Zealand looks a lot more interesting than silver charts any day. Yours truly, your first poster!, CWH

P. said...

Hi, I wish you the best travelling experience ever! Looking at the photos you already posted makes me wanna visit New Zealand myself :)
Greetings from Poland!

Craig said...

Greetings From Good Ole USA in Florida. Good luck on your journey. May you both find peace and new and wonderful discoveries in far away places!
Craig S.

Anonymous said...

Hola T-Couple I will accompany you in spirit on your incredible journey. I need a vacation but cant get away. Followed the link from SilverSeek as I enjoy reading Tim's articles. Great pics and commentaries so far, I feel as if I was there.
Baja California, Mexico

Anonymous said...

looks like fun! sorry we can't be climbing some sheer cliff in the middle of a hail storm with lightning. Enjoy!

Mark N.

jfs said...

Just saw Tim's post on yahoo. Followed the link. What a fabulous archive of travel. Your pictures are spectacular. Since I will probably never get to that part of the world you have given me great insight to a world apart from ours. Isn't the internet wonderful, there truly is just 6 degrees of seperation. May your journey be memorable and safe.

Thanks again for the travelogue.