Friday, January 7, 2011

Puerto Varas, Chile

After a bit of time off from traveling I planned an escape from the cold Alaska winter by flying into summertime in Patagonia. All together I will spend one and a half months in Chile and ten days in Bolivia. I arrived in Santiago, which is a very nice city, but not caring for cities, I rushed off in a southernly direction. A very comfortable night bus brought me to my first stopping point, Puerta Varas, where I spent two days relaxing, socializing, and planning the next step of the journey. The most popular way to Southern Patagonia from there is a 48 hour bus ride which takes a route through Argentina. However, I was very intriqued by the less traveled route which combines ferrys, buses, hitchhiking, and finally even walking across the border at Villa O Higgons, the most southernly place you can get to in Chile before the roads end and subsequently reconnect through Argentina in the southern Patagonia of all the photos. I was a bit nervous about trying this route, as I heard it is difficult and you can get stuck for days, and I also knew if I tried it that I would need to find a tent. As luck would have it I ran into two Italian guys at the hostel that evening who not only encouraged me to try it, but where also looking to offload their tent. I then needed to wait one more day to get the ferry which would take me to my first stop along the route, Chaiten. And so finally I was on my way to new adventure.

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