Saturday, January 31, 2009

Morocco and Beyond

I am headed to Morocco in less than a week! From here, I will probably travel further south into West Africa-maybe Mauritania, Mali, and Burkino Faso. Burkino Faso, you ask? My spell checker does not even recognize it!It is a pretty impromptu trip. Two weeks ago I decided to see if I could get an airlines mileage ticket after watching a movie that took place in Morocco, and I could-so I did! Fortunately I already have almost every vaccination known to man-only had to get stuck twice this time. The biggest decision now is which camera to bring. The small lightweight camera that I used on all my other trips, or the nice new one with the big lens I barely know how to use? Oh, how to decide?!

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Sondra said...

Deciding which camera to take is a tough one. You definitely need to weigh the risks vs. benefits. As the owner of a dSLR myself, (and also having lost one in the Colorado River at one point) I would say taking it is definitely possible if you have a good camera bag. So maybe it depends on how much stuff you want to lug around? It may also be somewhat nerve wracking trying to keep the camera clean/dust free, but I suppose if you won't be changing lenses, it wouldn't be too bad.

The little pocket point and shoot I think would probably set your mind at ease more while traveling--you wouldn't worry as much about losing it/damaging it. BUT I also understand the desire to have the new camera along.

If it is worth the financial gamble to you, and you don't mind lugging it around, TAKE IT. If photography is one of your primary objectives on your trip, by all means, TAKE IT. (And learn it and have FUN with it, you will love the results!)

If not, take your little camera. All of your photos previously were AMAZING. I guess this comment is not much help. :) Good luck and happy travels!