Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Sunday Bazaar

The Sunday Bazaar in Kashgar

The Sunday Bazaar is a pretty wild place, with nearly everything you could want for sale. I spent most of my time at the animal market, while Tim slept the morning away. Following the advice of the guidebook, I went to the bazaar at 6:00 AM. Big mistake! People did not start showing up until 7:00. By 9:00 it was a mad mess.

Sheep cost about 50 $ US

Average looking donkeys were about 175 $ US

A sorry looking horse was about 270 $. The nice, fat, healthy one was not for sale!

Camels go for about 500 $

A big, strong monster of a cow sells for 530$. When I asked the price on this one (by pointing at the animal and rubbing my fingers together, money style), the man would not tell me until he had shown me it's fine looking teeth, by shoving the cows head nearly in my face and pulling back its lips. I was, unfortunately, too shocked to think of taking a photo.

The most expensive animals in the market were two strong Yaks, at about 800 $ a piece.

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