Thursday, June 7, 2007

Farewell to Turkey

We are in India now, so as usual, a bit behind on the blog! For the rest of our time in Turkey, we finished our 3 day trek on the Lycian way, which took us six days as we stayed each place several days. We then went by night bus to Selcuk and saw the ruins at Ephesus. After 3 days in Selcuk we returned to Istanbul, picked up visa for India and got our visa for Kyrgyzstan before flying via Bahrain to Delhi. For my 'Western' eyes, the airport at Bahrain was fantastic-a real treat to see the turbans and robes and veils of all types. Many of the veils were as finely styled and as individualistic and fashionable as the hairstyles back home! One of the things I enjoyed the most about Turkey was getting to know the people and the culture while having endless cups of Turkish Chai. We also visited several Mosques and enjoyed speaking with the Imams. In one small town the Imam asked through the man who was interpereting for us if we would convert to Islam. He then told us that if we did, it would be the quick way to heaven for him! The Muslims we met and spoke with are peaceful and call us brother and sister, and expressed regret at the activities of a few extremists, and also at the Western response, which I would agree is often more divisive than effective.

Lycian way

The small beach is our prize at the end of the day

Turans camp, where we spent two nights. The cushioned seating areas are a Turkish tradition.

A typical house with vegatable gardens, fruit and olive trees, and a yard full of various animals- cows, goats, and chickens.

Most houses also have grape vines which create glorious shaded roof terraces.

Our cabins at the MonteNegro Pension in Faralya. We had a private cabin with bath, on site swimming pool, Turkish breakfast, and a five course dinner here for about 45$ US per night.

The traditional Turkish breakfast

Laundry and herbs drying in the sun.

Terraces on the Lycian Way

Mount Baba Da on the Lycian way

Paragliders go from mount Baba da to the beach in Oludenez

Ruins in Epheses

The Theater at Ephesus

Wall frescoe in the terrace houses of Ephesus

The bazaar at Selcuk

Isa Bey Mosque

A newer mosque in Selcuk


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