Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mountains and Deserts

Currently we are in California, where Tim has decided to try climbing Mt. Whitney, 14,497 feet (about 4,419 meters) while I explore around the more accessible portions of the Sierra Nevada mountains. After renting crampons and buying an ice axe, Tim is attempting the Mountaineer's route on the east side of the mountain. Look for a trip report from him soon!

Mt. Whitney. Tim's route takes him up the large couloir on the right side of the photo.

We drove through the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and Death Valley to get here. Nevada was not what I expected, as it was full of mountains. Death Valley was amazing, with lots of mountains, very dry, and very remote. We stayed most of the time at 8000 feet to escape the heat (100'F / 37-38'C in the shade at valley bottom), and climbed Telescope peak (11,049 ft / 3,368 meters), which had fantastic views of the salt flats below and layer upon layer of mountain ranges and wide valleys.

Dry, colorful hills in Death Valley

Golfer on the salt formations!

Lowest point in the western Hemisphere

View of the badwater basin and salt formations in the previous photos from Telescope Peak, 11,331 ft. above.

A few more views from Telescope Peak

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Rusty36 said...

That shot of the "salt formation golf" reminded me of a course set up in a pasture in Western Oklahoma!
Have enjoyed the Blog: keep posting.