Sunday, February 11, 2007

Central Otago, NZ

Central Otago

Well, I am finally updating the rest of the New Zealand trip. Since coming home, preparing for the world trip has really accelerated. So many things to do and prepare for!

Most of the rest of the NZ trip was spent hanging out with family in the Central Otago area of the south island. We also did the Milford Trek, which I will talk about in a separate posting. Central Otago area is pretty dry, with smaller mountains and amazing light at sunrise and sunset. As usual in NZ, sheep farms everywhere, mixed in with goats, horses, and cows. Watching the dogs work with the sheep when moving them is interesting. One dog will crouch down low and act as spotter for any sheep breaking out of line. Others chase the stray sheep back into the herd when alerted of an infraction. Sheep have about 100 different baaah-ing sounds and it is quite funny listening to them all bah at once.

Also, while in Central Otago we were able to see comet McNaught at its brightest. This was an amazing site, as the comet’s tail streamed out above us, covering about 30 degrees of the sky. I was, unfortunately, unable to photograph this.

Following is a selection of photos from the Central Otago area.

Typical Central Otago view-near Nasby

An old bridge

By Queenstown

Walking through the forest

Someones little piece of paradise near Queenstown

Queenstown from across the lake

Queenstown Harbor

Our doll-house accomodation in Manapouri

Lunch at Mt. Difficulty Wines on the Central Otago wine tour

The perfect wine plate

Rose bushes begin each row of grapes

Driving through a herd of sheep

Sunset near Naseby

Albatross at the Albatross colony near Dunedin. These birds have a nine foot wing span.

Red hot poker plants


settcount said...

Marvelous pics. Looks like you had a nice time in my country?

Anonymous said...

yes, have been twice now. love the nature and the laid back farming communities and friendly people.